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How to : View your pictures and make slideshows with ACDSEE Classic

I have been using ACDSEE Classic since 1998. Same version is working with Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2K and Windows XP. It is a software to view pictures, convert picture types one to another and make slideshows. It is working absolutely perfect. Very small application only 1.78 MB.

Unfortunately none of the Windows operating systems come with a good picture viewing software. So we must find a software to view them nicely in Full Screen Mode, Shrink capability, Loading fast, Thumbnail view of pictures and Nice time adjustable slideshows. If you are looking for a software like that here it is ACDSEE Classic.

Note that this software is not capable of editing pictures, does not have lots of features like red-eye tool, cropping tool or publishing tools. There is a latest version called ACDSEE Pro which can view, process, edit, organize, catalog, publish, and archive your photo collections with the precision and control demanded by photographers. I prefer to use Adobe Photoshop instead. It is your choice of course.

Download : ACDSEE Classic

Name : Copyright Killer [UCT]

Password : 360301721321327

Installation is very straight forward. After downloading above file, double click to execute the file and follow the instructions simply by clicking Next. When installation finish it creates a shortcut on the desktop and programs menu. Run the program (which originally is a shareware and limited with some number of views) go to Help on the top menu and select About ACDSEE then click on Register. On the new window you will find a form asking you name type Copyright Killer [UCT] for the code type 360301721321327 then you will receive a message telling  "Thank you for registering ACDSEE". Now you can start enjoying ACDSEE Classic. It runs automatically with picture most of common picture types like jpg, gif, bmp, png etc.

I suggest you to make some settings for a better use. To go to options simply right click while you are viewing a picture, select Options on the menu. My options are as seen on the picture. Select the relevant boxes click Save Defaults then click OK.

For SlideShow Options select the tab Slideshow tab on the picture above and you will see a menu like below. Set how many seconds you want for the slide show (Time between 2 pictures).

To start a slide show : Right click on the picture while you are viewing it then select 3rd command on the top Slideshow .

You might need to convert file types especially if the subject is pictures. Assume you have got an image file in BMP format size is 1.5MB when you convert it JPG file size reduce to 150 KB (1/10th) with the same quality of picture.

To convert pictures in ACDSEE Classic : Go to ACDSEE Browser (While viewing a picture double click on the picture) right click on the picture you want to convert, choose JPG and then click OK. You are done. Enjoy your reduced size picture.

Some tips while you are viewing pictures. Use Space bar to view next picture. You can also use Page Up to view previous and Page Down for the next picture.


If you have any difficulty having success with this guide, then please post your query in the forum.